About us

Aula Research is Finland’s leading company specialising in providing business intelligence for public affairs. We offer research data to help you with strategic planning, communications and public affairs. Our individually designed and meticulously executed studies, combined with our customer-oriented approach, guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Established in 2010, Aula Research is an expert organisation that is continuously breaking new ground, thanks to its qualified, open-minded and dedicated team.

We are extremely happy to be working with a wide range of customer organisations. We supply solutions to private companies, the public sector and third sector operators.

We believe in owners giving a face to the company. Aula Research is a Finnish company with owners who actively engage in its day-to-day operations. We are part of a group of three companies operating in different fields of research. Through our sister companies, our operations encompass other Nordic countries and the Baltic region.

Our services:

For companies

  • Measurement of stakeholder communications
  • Operating environment analyses
  • Reputation and sustainability studies
  • Discussion papers
  • Municipal customer surveys
  • Consumer surveys
  • Shareholder and staff surveys

For the public sector

  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Strategic communication mapping
  • Population-based surveys
  • Impact assessments
  • Futures reviews

Foundations and other organisations

  • Advocacy indicators
  • Operating environment analyses
  • Membership surveys
  • Discussion and position papers
  • Political field analyses
  • Population-based surveys and corporate decision-maker surveys
  • Argument databases
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