Aula Research specialises in surveys and other studies designed to support communications and public relations. We use a wide range of data collection methods to offer services that are tailored to our customers’ needs. Our customer-oriented and solution-centred operating culture and the in-depth expertise of our team are the key to our success.

Public affairs

We supply tools for collaboration with various stakeholders. To support decision-making, we offer reliable research information on attitudes among stakeholders and factors that influence their activities. Our solutions enhance advocacy on the national level and promote regional dialogue.

We help you identify your main stakeholders and find the right channels for communications on public affairs. With our solutions, you can measure the impact of your advocacy operations. The high quality of our research projects is based on our thorough understanding of social structures and our desire to help our customers manage their networks efficiently and in a manner that supports the achievement of their goals.


Does your company provide services to public sector operators? We offer public sector customer surveys that utilise our comprehensive registers of national, regional and municipal decision-makers. With our solutions, you can measure product awareness and the market potential of your products and services, analyse your organisation’s reputation and gain insight into factors that influence procurement decisions.

Our methods

  • Multi-channel surveys
  • Qualitative interview studies
  • Operating environment analyses
  • Data analyses
  • Meta analyses
  • Focus groups
  • Social media analyses


Whether you are creating a strategy for your organisation, your communications or advocacy operations, updating your strategy or putting it into practice, we can help you compile the information you need, while offering you a better understanding of both your new and existing data. To support your strategic planning, we offer qualitative studies, operating environment analyses and workshop solutions.


We offer tools for measuring and developing communications and stakeholder collaboration. We have extensive experience of offering research and sparring services related to communications to companies and private and public sector organisations. Thanks to our varied customer base, we can generate informative benchmarking data.

When your goal is to spark and promote public debate, we can help you introduce the topics that are important to you. Highlighting the views of the general public and stakeholders is an ideal way of presenting issues for debate. Our reports and initiative papers, generated as support for proactive communications, promote more thoughtful and profound social debate.

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